Canadian Korean Martial Arts Federation

CKMAF Colour Belt Testing 10/27/23

Here are some excerpts from the October 27, 2023 CKMAF Colour Belt Testing  held at Galt TKD.  Click here to see the video.

Black Belt Testing Patterns and Self Defence

Here are some excerpts from the Patterns and Self Defence portions of the October 2023 CKMAF Black Belt  Testing.  Click here to see the video.

We Must Have Trust in Each Other

The second tenant of Tae Kwon Moo Do TRUST goes to the root of the positive development of the total individual.   The definition of TRUST simply is “that upon…
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Excerpts from Black Belt Testing Breaking

Here are some excerpts from the Breaking portion of hte CKMAF October 21, 2023 Black Belt Testing.  Click here to see the video. Congratulations to all who tested.

Sang Jeol Gon 쌍절곤 Nunchuk Basics

Master Malleck and Master Pelley have agreed to teach some Nunchuck basics to those who are interested.  The class will be open to Green Belt and above. Class will be…
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Tae Kwon Moo Do Way of Life: We must have Respect for Each Other

At CKMAF Schools we  practice the “Tae Kwon Moo Do Way Of Life” as taught to us by our old Masters.  The First tenant of the Tae Kwon Moo Do…
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September 2023 CKMAF Colour Belt Testing

Here are some excerpts from the CKMAF 2023 Colour Belt Testing.  Click here for the Video

CKMAF Inter-school Challenge November 18, 2023

The CKMAF Interschool Challenge is coming on November 18, 2023. Talk to your instructors for more information. Time to put your training to the test.

Wellesley Apple Butter Festival In Pictures

A slide show of the Wellesley TKD Demonstration at the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival.  Click here for the Slide Show

CKMAF Adult Colour Belt Testing August, 2023

Here are some excerpts from the CKMAF Adult Colour Belt Testing  August 2023.  Click here to see the video.