Canadian Korean Martial Arts Federation

We teach traditional Tae Kwon Do in Wellesley, Ontario and we love it! We also teach Hapkido and Gumdo to the adults at our school; these include self defense and weapon training. Our school has a family atmosphere where students are supported individually and as a community. Classes are open to kids over 6 and adults of any age, ability or gender.
Classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays and are held at the Wellesley Mennonite Church.
Juniors, 6-12 yrs (6-7pm)
Seniors, 13+ yrs (7-8:30pm)

The Wellesley branch of the Canadian Korean Martial Arts Federation is under the direction of Eric and Pamela Wideman.

For more information

E-mail wellesleytkd @ gmail . com or visit www.wellesleyfitness.com